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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Could The Bermuda Triangle Disappearances Be Related To UFO Sightings?

Has anyone ever really thought about al the occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle?
How are the disappearances in the triangle different from the UFO sightings that seem to be happening more and more every day? People are abducted and released or people just disappear from the face of the earth and are never heard from again. There does seem to be some similarities about the two mystifying pheromones. 

Although it is fascinating to think that the triangle is a mystery more so than it is to think that it could be related to UFOs, you still have to consider the possibility that the triangle and UFOs come together somehow. Ships, boats and aircraft go into the Bermuda Triangle and never come out. Then you think about all the people that go missing every day never to be seen again. There are some distinct similarities between the two. No evidence is ever found and it appears that the people and vessels were all in our imagination.

UFO sightings continue to be reported, but you never hear about any sightings in the triangle. However, you do hear some reports of strange happenings from some that have made it to safety. If you listen to some of the reports, you will hear some descriptions that could be similar to the same reports from UFO sightings. The majority of the time, you hear about so many people disappearing in both occurrences.
We know that the Great Pyramids are said to have some distinct designs that could only have come from above as far as the shape and distances. Therefore, it could be possible that the Bermuda Triangle has some connections to the UFO sightings we see every day. Although this is speculation, one has to think seriously about this before discarding it as impossible. Are there other answers for the strange disappearances in the triangle? Has anyone ever looked at the two occurrences this way?

The latest disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was a pilot with a learners permit with eleven passengers onboard. The plane flew into the triangle and vanished as if it had never existed. Now we know that it was real and it is true that it is gone, but why could searchers never find any evidence of the plane or the people? How could they have just disappeared as if they never existed? Are there any logical answers to the strange disappearances?

The Bermuda Triangle will always be a mystery as will UFOs. Maybe when all the facts are in and the government shares its information about the triangle and the UFOs we can further understand if there is indeed a connection between the two. Until then, both will be have unanswered questions and will continue to plague anyone that encounters such occurrences. Hopefully, we find out answers before more people and vessels disappear. Maybe there is life somewhere else that might be better than what we have here on earth. One can only wait to see what happens in the future.

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