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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Flower of Life as a Template to Everything

  1. Symbols equate an idea, process of physical entity. In it’s most basic form,geometry. It exists from the micro to the macro in terms of perception. You’re deciphering English letters as you read this.
  2. At it’s foundational core, the universe literally IS mathematics. Everything is a sine wave aka vibration. I’m sure you know this very well by now. Everything!
  3. The knowledge that our imagination is limitless is a very powerful thing, and thethought forms being put to use in all fields of mastery such as martial arts,meditation, painting, music… You name it. For instance in martial arts, the participant changes “modes” or “stances” by switching the image or form in their mind.
  4. Imagination begets thought which begets feeling. Knowing that imagination can affect your brain waves is a very powerful thing indeed. If this is the case, thenascension and enlightenment IS ATTAINABLE.
  5. If you can plot mathematically, the basic code of the shape of nature which contains not only all symbols from religions, languages, runes, the golden ratio, the golden mean, you have an EXTREMELY delicate and literally powerful symbol. I believe that the “complete flower of life” is the literal embodiment of this shape.
Being an open minded individual, upon gazing into the complete flower of life symbol, I decided to have some fun with it and use the old “magic eye technique found in children’s illusion books. The reason why I did this was because I have the knowledge of the principles of polarity, the “staff thrust between the vesica piscis” and realized that the certain points of convergence turned into … A merkabah with rainbow edges… With the “all seeing eye” in the center of this.
Flower of Life Interpretation by Andrew Monkman
All things in caution, for the answers one might discover may unsettle the unbalanced mind.
One may find control over the amount of pain that one feels, only based on what one has “learned” from observation and open peering into this shape, or “pure” data. Wounds may be healed based on intention and knowledge of vibrations.

Upon peering into the complete flower of life, one may not only observe the shape of molecules, but also the shape of galaxies and all things in between. In this symbol you let your eyes operate “normally” and then you realize that this is how your EYES PERCEIVE THINGS. One may use this complete flower of life as a template to everything. One may utilize the principle of scaling to apply this template to anything one might think of, and things make sense. One may have a personal “Lawnmower man” type experience, where one suddenly discovers a new-found thirst for ancient knowledge.
I began listening to audiobooks of Plato’s Republic and actually it all MADE SENSE in this context. Next, I began listening to Einstein’s theory of relativity, and in this context, I now understand exactly what he was describing. Next, tao te ching, and finally I reached the Kybalion, which by now to me sounds redundant to me.
I believe all of the answers to science, religion, art…EVERYTHING  pretty much, is based on the mathematical knowledge of how things work in this universe. One now might build in one’s mind’s eye a pyramid of a magnitude of knowledge stemming from pure math, pure code. At the apex resides one’s emotions which can now shine on into infinity.
The more one might research, the more things will make sense, and the more things seem very off kilter when observing our modern times. I believe that this symbol contains all of the answers to life’s mysteries. All mysticism and magic is simple mathematics put to practical use, whereas the audience simply approximates everything based upon their perception. The mystery is therefore gone, and progress and illumination remains.
Ron Cavagnaro, The Consolation Project

PS1 Flower of Life and Ancient Alphabets

by Andrew Monkman
Images Copyright by Andrew Monkman
I believe that all the most ancient alphabets originate from the complete flower of life.

2 images above: the ‘elder futhark’ runes alphabet overlaid onto the cfol.
2 images above: the ancient Phoenician alphabet overlaid onto the cfol.
Several magic and alchemical symbols which are found within the flower.
 Note: The “PS” is part of an article Sacred Geometry – Flower of Life©2007-2011 Andrew Monkman

 PS2 Flower of Life for Meditation

Here are few versions of the Flower of Life for meditation and exploration (Credit:
  1. Click to enlarge the image
  2. Stare at two dots and make them one
  3. Let your brain interpret apparently meaningless image

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PS3 Sound Patterns

See what happens when high frequency sound is exerted on grains of salt.
Watch this entire video and tell me if you see something familiar…

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